Sunday, November 7, 2010

think led zepellin in tights and amoeba


moonwalkin' gun toter



cook those ants up
and eat 'em

Saturday, April 24, 2010

write draw write

last night

after a dinner of curry, special rice and salads
two of the best birthday cakes
i have ever tasted

an undiscovered artist 
gets ready to shine

two rats
get busy
in front of baywatch

a pumpkin too small
a strawberry too large

a roman 
wears a dolphin coat

the hourglass races 
a hammerhead on the high seas

corpses after dinner

lamb roast, beetroot salad, potatoes, greens
a delightful apple and walnut cake

 i think that tony depressed
might be my favourite

write draw write

each person sees the top piece of paper
then has to write or draw what they see or read
before passing it on to the next


is stuck

in a bowl of hot porridge

good cat

gary numan is a cool cat
with the universe in a coles bag

funny cadavers from 2008 or 2009? 
friend returning from europe staying in the loft

exquisite corpses

or funny cadavers

each person draws a body part without seeing the previous 

these are some old ones - from 2007 when my sister was in town